Migraine Action Plan: Begins with Access to Care

migraine action plan

Are you satisfied with your migraine treatment plan? Do you have barriers to care? As a diverse population with diverse types of migraine, we each require personalized migraine action plans. To create a migraine action plan that you are satisfied with and is successful, you need to have access to any and all resources. Care…

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Fighting for Access & Advocating with Dr. G

Dr. Melissa Geraghty, Psy. D, is a fierce advocate. Looking at her CV, you are struck by her vast experience working on behalf of others. In addition to her many years as a successful Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist, she is a board member for the Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP), a past board…

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Migraine Advocacy Makes Me a Better Mom

migraine advocacy

Advocacy is empowerment. Migraine advocacy makes me a better mom in ways I hadn’t expected. I have more: education; connections;  fundraising experience; and involvement raising awareness for the migraine and headache disorders community. When I first started my advocacy journey, I knew it would benefit my relationship with migraine, but what I didn’t know is…

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High School With Migraine: 8 Ways I’m Surviving

high school with migraine

Being a teen and struggling with migraine is very hard. I’m 17 years old and was diagnosed with migraine at age 10; but I have lived with migraine my whole life. I have dealt with difficult teachers and administrators; stigma from migraine; and having to work harder than most people because of my disease. Next…

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Light a Candle to #ShineALight


June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM). Awareness months and dates are vital to: educate our community about headache and migraine disease; and fight the stigma associated with headache and migraine disease. Remembrance Day, which is observed on June 7, is especially meaningful for me. My parents and I lost our daughter and…

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Advocating for Veterans: Operation Brainstorm

Advocating for Veterans

This Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, the National Headache Foundation and our partner organizations turn our attention toward the barriers to care that millions of Americans face trying to treat headache and migraine disorders. This problem is especially acute for U.S. service members and veterans. Studies show that veterans are more likely to develop migraine…

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