3 Truths About Living with an Invisible Illness

I like to joke that I was born into advocacy. My father was paralyzed in a diving accident when I was two weeks old and I grew up fighting alongside him for adequate accommodations in everything from Kmart parking lots to government buildings. My dad didn’t see advocacy as a chore, he viewed it as…

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How Step Therapy Impacted My Life with Migraine

step therapy

Living with chronic migraine is frustrating on its own. It’s downright infuriating when your plan of care is interrupted by an insurance provider. Step Therapy / Fail First Two summers ago, I was forced to stop my plan of care. It began when my neurologist left his practice. It took me three months to see…

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New Migraine Treatments: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Beginning a new migraine treatment can be a roller coaster ride. All at once, you may feel hopeful for relief, nervous that the treatment won’t work, and fearful of what new and/or intolerable side effects may come along for the ride. It can be a challenging time! Here are three things to keep in mind…

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