Migraine & Headache Awareness Month Blog

For the second year in a row, we will feature daily blog posts from the headache disease community. You hear and learn from seasoned advocates and those who are speaking up for the very first time. We encourage you to read and share the entries below via your personal social media channels. You can do so using the buttons at the bottom of each blog entry. Thank you for your support of all of these bloggers. Sharing your personal story is a great way to become an advocate. If interested in sharing your own story, find out which CHAMP participants offer those opportunities

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Veterans Need Treatment for Migraine Disease and Headache Disorders

Jun 6, 2021

It is largely unknown that migraine is the second leading cause of disability in the United States. And it’s not just a…

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Parenting with Migraine

Jun 5, 2021

A conversation with my son Matthew, age 8: Me: What’s it like on the days that I don’t have migraine attacks? Matthew:…

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CGRP Super-Responder: Adjusting to a New Normal

Jun 4, 2021

I suffer from chronic intractable migraine without aura. That means that my migraine attacks are sudden, without any warning and without stop.…

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migraine management

Migraine Management: Partnering with Family

Jun 3, 2021

I like sunny days because when the sun hides behind the clouds or fog, my troubles begin. A day without the sun…

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cluster headache

Cluster Headache Advocate Spotlight: Ainslie Course

Jun 2, 2021

Ainslie Course experienced her first cluster headache when she was only 19. She was awakened from sleep by intense head pain at…

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migraine at work

Migraine at Work: Working 9 to 5 — Or Maybe Not!

Jun 1, 2021

Are you starting a new job or possibly embarking on a new career? Any beginning can cause anxiety. Remember the first day…

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headache treatments

A Hopeful New Era for Headache Treatments

May 30, 2021

Now is a time of much hope for people living with headache diseases. It’s no accident that the 2021 theme for the…

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MHAM events

MHAM Events 2021

May 27, 2021

Each June, the headache, migraine and cluster community works together to recognize and celebrate National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM). It…

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