Chronic Migraine Journey: What We Appreciate

Migraine has stolen so much from us — friendships, family events and jobs. Migraine has no limits. At the beginning of our chronic migraine journey, we were young with high ambitions and felt indestructible. We worked long hours and were too busy to slow down for ourselves. We ignored our bodies and even avoided taking…

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Types of Headache

types of headache

When Should I Worry about a Headache? If you experience a severe headache or migraine, it’s difficult to believe so much pain isn’t doing lasting damage. Most often, it really isn’t. There are only a few rare types of headache that can be cause for worry. If you experience any of the following symptoms for…

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5 Ways to Raise Migraine Awareness in Your Local Community

migraine awareness

This past year, many were removed from our local communities and forced to find virtual ways to connect with people. The plus side is we’ve connected with people from around the world. As restrictions start to ease, it’s time to think about how we can once again get involved in our local communities. Raising migraine…

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Migraine at School: Hope for Parents of Children with Migraine

My daughter Danielle was a happy child, a gifted student and athlete, friend to everyone and a bright shining light in our lives. Then she developed migraine disease. The symptoms of abdominal migraine began when she was 8 years old. At first her migraine attacks were episodic, and then gradually they became more frequent. By…

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Veterans Need Treatment for Migraine Disease and Headache Disorders

It is largely unknown that migraine is the second leading cause of disability in the United States. And it’s not just a “women’s disease.” Headache and migraine disease affect veterans at nearly the same rate. Among veterans treated within the VA health system: 1.6 million are diagnosed with a headache disorder 621,000 are diagnosed with…

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Parenting with Migraine

A conversation with my son Matthew, age 8: Me: What’s it like on the days that I don’t have migraine attacks? Matthew: Great!  Me: And how about the days when I do?  Matthew: Boring. You lie in bed. We can’t annoy you and I want to play games with you. Me: What would you do…

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CGRP Super-Responder: Adjusting to a New Normal


I suffer from chronic intractable migraine without aura. That means that my migraine attacks are sudden, without any warning and without stop. At its worst, my migraine was years long. Yes, you read that right. Years. My pain, on that overused scale we all know and loathe, was a 10/10, with my 10 climbing steadily…

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Migraine Management: Partnering with Family

migraine management

I like sunny days because when the sun hides behind the clouds or fog, my troubles begin. A day without the sun is an inevitable migraine trigger for me. My Home, My Family So when my husband declared his love for San Francisco and his desire to buy a home in the city, I couldn’t…

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Cluster Headache Advocate Spotlight: Ainslie Course

cluster headache

Ainslie Course experienced her first cluster headache when she was only 19. She was awakened from sleep by intense head pain at 2am. The pain was violent. Personally violent. Restless and sweating. She thought she was dying, sure she had a tumor or that her brain was bleeding. For an hour and a half, she…

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Migraine at Work: Working 9 to 5 — Or Maybe Not!

migraine at work

Are you starting a new job or possibly embarking on a new career? Any beginning can cause anxiety. Remember the first day of high school? But what if your emotional roller coaster is influenced by migraine disease? You are justifiably anxious about how your migraine episodes will impact your employment. Should you stay mute about…

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