New Era for All: Developments in Headache Treatment 

As the 2021 MHAM theme focuses on A New Era of Care, it’s important that we recognize what is taking place for all headache diseases. There is lots of attention on new and emerging treatments for migraine — and we’re happy for that! — but we’d also like to acknowledge the innovations and research for other headache types.

Headache Treatment Options for All

In 2017, the first device designed to treat cluster headache was approved in the United States and is being approved in other countries. 2019 saw the first preventive medication approved by the FDA for cluster headache. In 2020, we saw advances in research for cluster headache. There was also new interest in rare headache diseases such as SUNCT, SUNA, post-concussive headache and more. Clusterbusters is excited to continue our work with researchers to explore new ideas, find new headache treatment options and expand availability for those living with headache diseases.

For too long, we heard doctors and researchers say that other headache diseases should ride the coattails of migraine research, even though some are not rare diseases and migraine treatments do not work well for them.

Times are Changing

Researchers, doctors, patients and general public are starting to recognize that these diseases are not just headaches. And they are not all variations of migraine either. These diseases are unique. They should be treated differently from one another even if we don’t fully understand the mechanisms of action for any of them.

As we continue to explore psilocybin and other “taboo” treatments, perhaps the headache and migraine communities can serve as an example of how healthcare can integrate different healthcare perspectives. We have an opportunity to present a community that focuses on healthy lifestyle, plant-based medicines and scientific developments.

When it comes down to it, most patients don’t care if the treatment is alternative, medical or a combination approach. And most patients don’t care whether you call their disease migraine, cluster headache, new daily persistent headache or Albert. We just care that we all find effective treatments!

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Written by:
Eileen Brewer

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