Every day CHAMP participants work to improve the lives of people with headache, migraine, and cluster diseases. If you or someone you know lives with these invisible diseases, consider donating to one or more of our coalition participants below. Let’s continue to grow stronger, fight stigma and give patients a voice. We are all stronger when we work together. Thank you for your support!

Donate to These Non-Profits

  • Association of Migraine Disorders, MHAM partners

    Association of Migraine Disorders

    The Association of Migraine Disorders (AMD) expands the understanding of migraine disease and its true scope. Migraine is a full-body condition with a broad spectrum of symptoms. AMD focuses on including many medical specialties in the management of this disease. The centerpiece of this effort is a comprehensive online course to accelerate the training of more medical professionals. For patients, AMD shares the opinions of experts in its series of short podcasts. AMD also believes that migraine has yet to capture the support of the general public and therefore it hosts Shades for Migraine, a playful, collaborative public awareness campaign. AMD strives to connect and grow an integrated migraine research community.

  • Chronic Migraine Awareness, donate, MHAM partners

    Chronic Migraine Awareness

    CMA, Inc is the voice of the chronic migraine community. It supports, educates and empowers people in their health journey with online peer-to-peer global support groups, social media campaigns and in-person events.

  • Clusterbusters, donate


    Clusterbusters raises awareness for cluster headache. This form of Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia is more painful than childbirth, kidney stones and gunshot wounds. Cluster headaches are nicknamed “suicide headaches.” They respond best to high-flow oxygen. Clusterbusters furthers cluster headache research by partnering with and advising medical professionals and innovators to develop new treatments. It educates medical professionals and the patient community in order to reduce time to diagnosis and increase access to appropriate treatments. Clusterbusters’ online and face-to-face support and education helps patients lead their best lives and sometimes saves lives.

  • Cluster Headache Support Group, donate, MHAM partners

    Cluster Headache Support Group

    The Cluster Headache Support Group provides a safe, supportive, community for patients and caregivers affected by cluster headache. The Group offers patient education and access to accurate, relevant information and resources. It also drives and supports scientific research that results in treatment advances for patients with cluster headache and other TACs. It adheres to the highest standard of corporate ethics, including disclosure of any and all competing interests.

  • Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation, donate, MHAM partners

    Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation

    The Foundation was established in memory of beloved daughter and sister, Danielle, who battled migraine disease for 10 years until it ultimately led to her death at the age of 17. Its mission is to increase access to care, especially for young adults and children, by educating primary care providers in the treatment of migraine. The Foundation supports those living with migraine through free, bi-weekly sessions of Headache School and Mindful Yoga in partnership with the University of Utah. It raises community awareness of migraine and its impact on patients, families and society through bi-annual “Shine Her Light” events.

  •, donate, MHAM partners is an industry leader as the only patient-owned and operated migraine website to have medical review of all content. All content is reviewed for accuracy by a team of board-certified Migraine and Headache specialists. Doctors who treat migraine and other headache disorders can feel confident in recommending to their patients. The website covers all aspects of living with migraine disease, including diagnosis, treatment options, lifestyle management and behavioral health. Research is explained in clear, concise terms that everyone can understand.

  • Miles for Migraine, donate

    Miles for Migraine

    Miles for Migraine creates live, patient-participatory events that reduce the burden of isolation and stigma for people with migraine and headache diseases, and their caregivers. It builds community by bringing people together at fun walk/runs and through educational and support programs. Miles for Migraine also has programs specifically focused on engaging and supporting adolescents. Its programs foster empowerment, increase disease awareness, teach skills to advocate for better access to treatments and raise funds for headache fellowship programs.

  • National Headache Foundation

    National Headache Foundation

    Founded in 1970, the National Headache Foundation is the oldest and largest foundation for patients with headache. Its mission is “To cure headache, and end its pain and suffering.” Its vision is “A World Without Headache.” The work of the Foundation is through education, raising awareness, advocacy and research. The Foundation established the Certificate of Added Qualification in Headache Medicine for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, and clinical psychologists who treat headache patients. The NHF publishes HeadWise® magazine and NHF News to Know.

  • Patient Advocate Foundation

    Patient Advocate Foundation

    Patient Advocate Foundation provides real-time help for patients facing critical illness and debilitating disease as they encounter barriers in their healthcare. It is well-known for its quality educational materials that help patients self-advocate to overcome common challenges. PAF’s skilled staff deliver tangible assistance through personalized case management services, financial support toward medication copayments and the connection to vital community resources. This is all at no cost to the patient or their caregiver. PAF is the producer for Migraine Matters, an educational resource for persons with migraine or headache disorders.

  • US Pain Foundation

    US Pain Foundation

    The U.S. Pain Foundation is the leading advocacy organization for people with pain. Its mission is to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for individuals living with chronic illness that causes pain, as well as their caregivers and clinicians. Through multiple programs and services, the U.S. Pain Foundation enhances the quality of life for people with pain, improves patient outcomes, addresses access and affordability issues, and increases public awareness and empathy for the issue of pain.