MHAM Partners

MHAM partners

We're grateful to our MHAM partners for their support of Migraine & Headache Awareness Month 2021!

CHAMP brings together the most influential patient advocacy organizations and leaders in the area of migraine, cluster and headache diseases. CHAMP enhances communication, coordination and collaboration to more effectively fight stigma and help people achieve fair access to treatments. Our greatest strength is our MHAM partners and it is a reflection of how strong people are who live with headache diseases.

  • Association of Migraine Disorders, MHAM partners

    Association of Migraine Disorders

    AMD expands the understanding of migraine disease and its true scope. It is focused on including many medical specialties in the management of this disease. The centerpiece of this effort is a comprehensive online course to accelerate the training of more medical professionals. For patients, AMD shares the opinions of experts in its series of short podcasts. AMD believes that migraine has yet to capture the support of the public; it hosts Shades for Migraine, a playful, collaborative public awareness campaign. AMD also connects and grows an integrated migraine research community.

  • CHAMP, MHAM partners


    CHAMP provides support to people with headache, migraine and cluster diseases who are often stigmatized and underserved. It brings together organizations and leaders in this disease area to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration to more effectively help people wherever they are on their patient journey. CHAMP is working to identify unmet needs of those with headache, migraine and cluster diseases, and works to better support patients and their caregivers.

  • Chronic Migraine Awareness, donate, MHAM partners

    Chronic Migraine Awareness

    CMA, Inc is the voice of the chronic migraine community. It supports, educates and empowers people in their health journey with online peer-to-peer global support groups, social media campaigns and in-person events.

  • Clusterbusters, donate


    Clusterbusters raises awareness for cluster headache. This form of Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia is considered more painful than childbirth, kidney stones and gunshot wounds. Cluster headaches are often nicknamed “suicide headaches” and respond best to high-flow oxygen. Clusterbusters furthers cluster headache research by partnering with and advising medical professionals and innovators to develop new treatments. It educates medical professionals and the patient community in order to reduce time to diagnosis and increase access to appropriate treatments. Clusterbusters’ online and face-to-face support and education helps patients lead their best lives and, sometimes, saves lives.

  • Cluster Headache Support Group, donate, MHAM partners

    Cluster Headache Support Group

    The Cluster Headache Support Group provides a safe, supportive, community for patients and caregivers affected by cluster headache. It offers patient education and access to accurate, relevant information and resources. It drives and supports scientific research that results in treatment advances for patients with cluster headache and other TACs. And it adheres to the highest standard of corporate ethics, including disclosure of any and all competing interests. Cluster Headache Support Group’s compassion for the suffering of those affected by cluster headache drives its operations.

  • The Daily Headache

    The Daily Headache

    The Daily Headache is a blog that candidly addresses the emotional experience of living with migraine and headache disorders. It explores coping strategies, treatments and research. Although living with these stigmatized disorders can feel lonely and bewildering, millions of other people face similar struggles. The Daily Headache is a place where people with migraine and headache disorders come together and remind each other that none of us are facing this alone.

  • Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation, donate, MHAM partners

    Danielle Byron Henry Migraine Foundation

    The Foundation was established in memory of beloved daughter and sister, Danielle, who battled migraine disease for 10 years until it ultimately led to her death at the age of 17. Its mission is to increase access to care, especially for young adults and children, by educating primary care providers in the treatment of migraine. The Foundation provides support to those living with migraine through free, bi-weekly sessions of Headache School and Mindful Yoga in partnership with the University of Utah. It raises community awareness of migraine and its impact on patients, families and society through bi-annual “Shine Her Light” events.

  • Golden Graine, MHAM partners

    Golden Graine

    Golden Graine is a blog/brand created by professional patient, Katie M. Golden, to share how she lives a fulfilled life with chronic migraine and pain. Katie found a purpose in writing openly about her experiences in having to navigate an extremely mis-understood and stigmatized chronic illness. She is engaged in the community by writing for and the INvisible Project, serving as the Migraine Advocacy Liaison for the U.S. Pain Foundation and leading Patient Relationships for CHAMP.

  • Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, MHAM partners

    Headache and Migraine Policy Forum

    HMPF advances public policies and practices that promote accelerated innovation and improved treatments for persons living with headache and migraine disease. It uses a campaign approach to support the education of patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders about policy issues that impact access to new and existing therapies with the goal of furthering access to appropriate prevention and treatment options for all patients. HMPF directly advocates with plans, policymakers and other decision makers to expand patient access to approved therapies.

  • Healthy Women, MHAM partners

    Healthy Women

    HealthyWomen is the nation's leading independent, nonprofit health information source for women. Its mission is to educate women to make informed health choices for themselves and for their families. For 30+ years, millions of women have turned to HealthyWomen for answers to their most personal health care questions. It provides objective, research-based health information reviewed by medical experts to ensure its accuracy.

  • Hope For Migraine Community, MHAM partners

    Hope for Migraine Community

    This online community provides a supportive group for people with migraine who are taking or interested in the CGRP medications (Aimovig, Ajovy, Emgality - Eptinezumab, Ubrogepant, Rimegepant, Atogepant) including evidence-based information about these medications, new research, & shared experience.

  • MHAM partners

    The INvisible Project

    The INvisible Project is a print and online magazine that highlights the bravery and perseverance of pain warriors through stories and photos. This powerful campaign offers hope and inspiration while calling attention to the challenges people with chronic pain face on a daily basis

  • Migraine Again, MHAM partners

    Migraine Again

    Migraine Again is a purpose-driven health media company focused on empowering patients with education and insights that help them suffer less and live more. Founded by patients, for patients in 2014, Migraine Again’s website articles, newsletter, videos, podcasts, interviews and resources are produced by people with migraine and medically reviewed by leading headache specialists. By engaging with over 1.5 million patients each month, Migraine Again is the largest privately held, independent media company for people with migraine and headache disorders in over 170 countries.

  •, MHAM partners inspires people living with migraine to embrace their whole selves and engage in relationships with others to build community. It features daily, original content with shareable, customized artwork, weekly email newsletters, and community-generated content and engagement through stories, Q&A, and forums. can provide a bridge between patient experience and health care providers.

  •, donate, MHAM partners is an industry leader as the only patient-owned and operated migraine website to have medical review of all content. All content is reviewed for accuracy by a team of board-certified Migraine and Headache specialists. The website covers all aspects of living with migraine disease, including diagnosis, treatment options, lifestyle management, and behavioral health. Research is explained in clear, concise terms that everyone can understand.

  • The Migraine Diva

    The Migraine Diva

    The mission of The Migraine Diva is to help empower and educate people living with headache, migraine disease and mental illness through patient advocacy. Seeking valuable relationships with like-minded organizations, its goal is to share ideas, resources and information on accessible treatments to better the lives of migraine patients and their caregivers. By sharing the realities of living with chronic intractable migraine, major depression disorder and anxiety, The Migraine Diva hopes to empower, elevate and validate the patient voice and experience.

  • MigrainePal, MHAM partners


    MigrainePal helps those with migraine get the facts with medically referenced answers. Readers can find practical and evidence-based information to empower themselves. MigrainePal was created by Carl Cincinnato who works with several charities and organizations to help lift the global burden of migraine.

  • Migraine World Summit, MHAM partners

    Migraine World Summit

    The Migraine World Summit is the largest virtual patient event in the world for those with chronic headache and migraine disease. Its mission is to reduce the global burden of migraine through world-class education. Each year the event brings together tens of thousands of people to learn from world leading doctors, experts, and specialists. It is complimentary for a limited time with registration and available online.

  • Miles for Migraine, donate

    Miles for Migraine

    Miles for Migraine creates live, patient-participatory events that reduce the burden of isolation and stigma for people with migraine and headache diseases, and their caregivers. It builds community by bringing people together at fun walk/runs and through educational and support programs. Miles for Migraine also has programs specifically focused on engaging and supporting adolescents. Its programs foster empowerment, increase disease awareness, teach skills to advocate for better access to treatments and raise funds for headache fellowship programs.

  • National Headache Foundation

    National Headache Foundation

    Founded in 1970, the National Headache Foundation is the oldest and largest foundation for patients with headache. Its mission is “To cure headache, and end its pain and suffering.” Its vision is “A World Without Headache.” The work of the Foundation is through education, raising awareness, advocacy, and research. The Foundation established the Certificate of Added Qualification in Headache Medicine for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, and clinical psychologists who treat headache patients. NHF publishes HeadWise® magazine and NHF News to Know.

  • Patient Advocate Foundation

    Patient Advocate Foundation

    Patient Advocate Foundation provides real-time help for patients facing critical illness and debilitating disease as they encounter barriers in their healthcare. PAF is known for its quality educational materials that help patients self-advocate to overcome common challenges. Its skilled staff deliver tangible assistance through personalized case management services, financial support toward medication copayments and the connection to vital community resources, all at no cost to the patient or their caregiver. PAF is the producer for Migraine Matters, an educational resource for persons with migraine or headache disorders.

  • US Pain Foundation

    US Pain Foundation

    The U.S. Pain Foundation is the leading advocacy organization for people with pain. Its mission is to empower, educate, connect, and advocate for individuals living with chronic illness that causes pain, as well as their caregivers and clinicians. Through multiple programs and services, the U.S. Pain Foundation works to enhance the quality of life for people with pain, improve patient outcomes, address access and affordability issues, and increase public awareness and empathy for the issue of pain.