MHAM – What You Can Expect This Year

Here’s what you need to know for June 2020

Each June, the headache, migraine and cluster disease communities work together to recognize and celebrate National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM). It is our chance to raise awareness, address stigma and build a stronger community of advocates. This year’s unique theme, created by the National Headache Foundation is, “You Need Community.” And, now more than ever during this time of uncertainty, we need each other.

CHAMP and our partners have plenty planned to keep you connected, spread awareness and strengthen the headache disease community. We have launched a new website, which is a repository for the great activities and educational opportunities planned for the month. Visit the website to see how you can show your support, join a virtual community, learn more about your disease, and share about #MHAM.

Throughout the month, we will feature blog posts from community advocates. Some are written by long-time advocates and some are written by brand new advocates looking for a way to get involved. We ask that you show all bloggers your support, and help them feel encouraged as some of them speak up for the very first time. Sharing your personal story is a great way to become an advocate – of yourself, of your disease and our community.

As a community, we also observe the following six special days in June and encourage you to do the same, by sharing our messaging on your personal social media channels. If you don’t already, please be sure to follow CHAMP on social media so that you see our regular posts during the month and help us promote #MHAM. One share from you might just be the spark someone needs to take the next step in improving their health.

Each of these days includes social posts and graphics and are posted on the website for simple sharing!

Finally, please update your Facebook profile with the MHAM Facebook frame created by CHAMP’s partner the American Migraine Foundation – just click Yes to accept.

Too many of us have lived with this debilitating disease for years.  Please know that you are not alone. There is already a strong community of advocates fighting hard to get recognition for headache diseases, and we have come a long way with new treatments and support systems. Join us today and know that we will fight for you.


Meghan BuzbyWendy Bohmfolkby Meghan Buzby, CHAMP Advocacy Director
Wendy Bohmfalk, Migraine World Summit, World Health Education Foundation & MHAM Co-Chair

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