New Migraine Treatments: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Beginning a new migraine treatment can be a roller coaster ride. All at once, you may feel hopeful for relief, nervous that the treatment won’t work, and fearful of what new and/or intolerable side effects may come along for the ride. It can be a challenging time!

Here are three things to keep in mind when starting a new treatment:

New Migraine Treatment: It Takes Time

It can be extremely difficult to wait for relief when you are so desperately needing it, but don’t give up too soon. Remember that a new migraine treatment may require weeks, and often months, to fully take effect. In addition, some early onset side effects often subside after a few weeks to a month.

It’s also important to keep in mind that whether or not a new treatment is working can mean different things. For example, a treatment may reduce the frequency or severity of attacks but not fully stop them. Or it may improve some of your symptoms but not all. The measure of success may mean different things to different people and it can require quite a bit of patience and a good deal of time to figure out.

Positivity is Important, Distraction is Key

When starting a new treatment, it can be a natural instinct to pay a lot of attention to things going on in your body. You may wonder if every little thing you are feeling is the start of a new side effect, or jump to conclusions about whether or not a treatment is working. Remaining positive is so important during this time. Keep in mind that the goal of a new treatment is generally not to never have another attack again (wouldn’t that be nice?!), but rather that your attacks decrease in severity and frequency and make your life more manageable. Engaging in activities that bring you joy and keep you present in the moment can provide a much-needed distraction and help keep your mind in a positive space during this challenging time.

Everyone is Different

Every treatment works differently for everybody. In other words, just because someone you know may have experienced certain side effects, does not mean that you will too. Likewise, a treatment option may fail for others, but work great for you. No two brains are the same, so no treatment can work the same way for everyone. Be careful not to let what others are saying about a certain treatment impact whether or not it can work for you.

Beginning a new treatment can feel like taking a giant leap of faith, especially if you have previously failed many others or are sensitive to medications. Give yourself grace during this time — it’s OK to feel scared and frustrated. But remember there is always something to try and new treatments are being researched and developed all the time.

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