5 Ways to Raise Migraine Awareness in Your Local Community

This past year, many were removed from our local communities and forced to find virtual ways to connect with people. The plus side is we’ve connected with people from around the world. As restrictions start to ease, it’s time to think about how we can once again get involved in our local communities.

Raising migraine awareness helps educate others and eliminate stigma. It also brings people to resources that can help. Here are five ways you can raise migraine awareness this month:

1. Migraine Awareness Gear

An easy way to spread the word about migraine is to wear it! Pins, sunglasses, t-shirts, bracelets — the options are endless! Awareness gear sparks conversations, giving you a platform to educate others about migraine.

  • Erica Carrasco, migraine community member, has a store called Achy Smile Shop for fun clothing and accessories that raise awareness for migraine and chronic illness.
  • Shades for Migraine has their famous purple sunglasses that are a symbol of migraine awareness. They recently added t-shirts and pens to their collection. All products are available as a gift with donation.
  • Chronic Migraine Awareness has free Rally packs with temporary tattoos and bracelets.

Don’t forget about the t-shirts you’ve received over the years at migraine awareness events such as Miles for Migraine races and CHAMP’s RetreatMigraine!

2. Miles for Migraine Events

Miles for Migraine is known for their walk/run events that bring together communities and grow your migraine family! After a year of virtual races, Miles for Migraine is bringing back a sense of normalcy as it transitions to hybrid events for the rest of the year. This month, the events are in Kansas City, Chicago and Salt Lake City. Events for the rest of the year >> 

3. Shades for Migraine Community Leader Program

This year, Shades for Migraine launched their Community Leader Program. It gives people guidance and resources to raise awareness for migraine in the areas they live. They have leaders in more than 25 states and 9 countries. Find a leader near you to learn how you can spread the word. If there aren’t leaders near you, email info@shadesformigraine.org to learn how you can get a resource kit to raise awareness in your community.

4. Join the 50-State Networ

The Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF) has a program called the 50-State Network. By joining this program you plug into a nationwide and state-by-state community of other like-minded people who are living with chronic conditions. Together, advocates share strength, experience, wants and needs as a patient community so that we can raise our voices with our healthcare decision-makers and get what we deserve.

If you would like to learn more information on how to lend your voice to support these reforms and ensure that patients are protected, please fill out the information here.

After signing up, a GHLF team member will call you to learn more about you and your story. You will be notified on pressing issues in your state and how you can be a part of modifying legislation to prevent insurance companies from denying service. You can take part in a monthly conference call with other 50 State Network advocates to share ideas and empower and be empowered as a team member.

5. Have your communities recognize MHAM

Millions of people live with migraine yet so many of them don’t realize June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Ask your community leaders (bosses, principals, pastors, etc.) to send a notification to the community. This can be done at a community event or even an email. Make their job even easier by giving them a suggested script. For example: “40 million Americans live with migraine. Are you one of them? This month is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Head to MigraineHeadacheAwarenessMonth.org to find resources that can help the person in your life living with migraine.” Don’t forget about fundraisers! Leverage the support of your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family by starting a fundraiser in honor of MHAM for your favorite migraine or headache organization!


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